Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas
Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas

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I've designed this site up to record how I went about planning and riding a motorcycle trip along the Pan -American highway from Alaska in the North to Argentina in the South. I intend to go a little off piste by not following the P.A. exactly, but include Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles as well. I'm going to end up in Buenos Aires from where I'll ship what's left of me and the bike back to the UK. I've worked consistenly  and often at a frantic pace since i was in my early 20's, so I'm trying to slow things down a bit and do it over a minimum 9 month period, following the summer from North to South.


Links at the top of this page will take you to other pages all about me, the bike, the planning, a Vimeo channel where I'll be uploading a video diary from the road and a series of road updates tracking my progress.


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