Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas
Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas

All about me....


My name is Kevin Ford. I'm 57 years of age and split my time between living in London and Scotland. In my professional life I have been the following:

  • Pizza Delivery Driver 
  • Restaurant manager
  • Actor
  • Hospital Porter
  • Company Director
  • Outside Caterer
  • Training Consultant
  • Wembley Stadium Tour Guide
  • Mills and Boon Telesales Rep.
  • Carpet Warehouse Worker
  • and a few others lost in the mist of time

I'm married to Judith, my wife of 30 + years, who is also my business partner.


I came to motorcycling late in life. I was in my  40's when I did a 5 day direct access course. This involves getting on a 125cc bike off road on Monday AM culminating  in taking your full test on a big (500cc) bike on the Friday PM 4 days later.

I failed it.



First time I really wasn't ready  for it and second time a stupid mistake on a roundabout did for me. With perseverance, I managed to scrape a pass at the third time of asking.


I wouldn't describe myself as a naturally gifted rider - i find I have to concentrate really hard ALL the time when I'm riding, and I ride very defensively.

My first bike after passing was a Triumph Boneville. This was a heap of fun and inevitably attracted a lot of attention from men of a certain age who had ridden one in their youth. I went all over the UK on jaunts with a tent stuck on the back. I parted company with this in 2008 and bought the Transalp which I'll be using for this trip


Glencoe, Summer 2007
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