Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas
Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas


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  • Bob Dannhardt (Sunday, January 05 14 03:12 pm GMT)

    Congratulations. I had fun following you on your journey but I think my flying career is a much much easier way to travel.
    I sat next to you on your way to Anchorage.

  • Emma Gibbons (Wednesday, January 01 14 03:44 pm GMT)

    Happy New Year to you both. We have just read your 'final roundup' of your trip and thoroughly enjoyed reading it - a few lessons learned for sure. Joseph said he does not want to try on your helmet
    if you bring it home haha! Have fun together, hope Judith sussed out the buses and you got to the concert! Love to you both, hope to catch up early in 2014! Emma, Mick and Joseph x

  • Doug Stewart (Monday, December 30 13 07:25 pm GMT)

    You most definitely qualify as an “experientialist innovator”! You know better than the rest that there’s no way anyone could pay for the life’s experiences you’ve had. You just have to get out there
    and do it, and you did. You most certainly did.
    My hat’s off to you Kevin. It takes maybe more courage than determination to live life the way you have on this journey; but no matter which, it took an extraordinary amount of both just to decide to
    accept the challenge you gave yourself a year or more ago. As James Wallman’s grandfather knew, you could have easily simply kept the whole project as a dream rather than muster the will to make it a
    memory as you have.
    I’ve always liked “Wide Open Spaces” and I can see how it would have been inspiring, particularly in those difficult times as you mentioned. Now that you’re on this side of it all you might enjoy
    listening to John Mellencamp’s “Minutes to Memories”.
    So best of luck for the future. I would make one suggestion for you: never hesitate to reread your own journal. And as time goes by and you get further away from this your grand adventure, do so more
    often. It will help you to remember not only what is really important, but remember also that it was you who actually did it all.

  • Gibson (Saturday, December 28 13 10:22 am GMT)

    Kev ... Congratulations and thanks for bringing us in on your journey ... Much love XX

  • Ruth (Saturday, December 28 13 10:19 am GMT)

    Hola Kevin! Just read the summary of your trip and will pass it on to the Netherend contingent. Very thought provoking - already thankful for what we have, especially at this time of year. Have a
    good time in B A . Ruth x

  • Deborah (Friday, December 27 13 10:50 pm GMT)

    What an amazing trip Kevin! Knew you could do it- especially on a bike!
    Lots to think about and mull over now and on your return and I hope you will share your many adventures with us at Rock Bank... Safe homeward journey and see you both soon
    Lots of love
    PS mightily impressed with the Vimeos

  • Margareta Benediktsson (Thursday, December 19 13 12:59 pm GMT)

    Hi Kevin! I am Margareta the swedish girl/old lady who looked after Judith and Ruth n Bushey. I had greatings from Judith today and I have read a little on your homepage, will do some more later on.
    Hope you will have a nice time together celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve. Love to you both from Margareta

  • Susie Dunn (Monday, December 16 13 11:45 pm GMT)

    Hi Kevin, I'm a friend of Ruth's living near San Francisco. Ruth sent me the link to your travels and I just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed your trip. My husband and I also took the
    overland trip from Europe to India in 1974. We especially like your anecdote about the wrong date for the bike at a border. We had a similar one in India when the guard misread the entry date and
    decided we had 'overstayed' so couldn't leave. Have a continued safe and healthy trip, a happy Christmas and many more good trips.

  • Shelley (Friday, December 06 13 06:17 pm GMT)

    Hi Kevin
    I have really enjoyed following your fascinating tales about your big adventure. I expect by now you are in Mendoza, so I hope you are doing some serious quality control on the local wine. Rob and I
    are looking forward to seeing you and Judith in Buenos Aires over Christmas!
    Love Shelley

  • Sue and Axel (Tuesday, December 03 13 09:27 am GMT)

    We are thinking of you as you come towards the end of your amazing travels. Look forward to hearing all about them in person in January.
    Loved the videos, the ride on your bike and the music and seeing you too!

  • Jackie (Monday, November 25 13 11:17 am GMT)

    Hi Kevin. Loved the last video glad that you are well. Loved the golf course makes you appreciate our course's that much better. I don't think I would have been able to hit the ball very well. The
    video's are really good and we all enjoy watching them. Anyway must go, I have to go to have physio on my hand, fortunately I am back driving now. As usual take care and drive carefully. Love Jackie

  • Pedro E Méndez Pérez (Sunday, November 24 13 10:34 pm GMT)

    Hi. We known in Mincha south (near Los Vilos). I wanted speak but you was so retard in your trip. I'm surgeon that love trip on motorcycles. Excuse my English. You give me your internet page

  • Jackie (Thursday, November 21 13 04:28 pm GMT)

    Hi Kevin. Hope you are well. I enjoyed my trip to London to stay with Judith. We had a lovely time, catching up on various things, nice food and drink. My plaster is now off although cannot drive
    until I have had physio next week. All is well her. Looking forward to the next instalment. Take care Love Jackie

  • adrian (Friday, November 15 13 04:39 pm GMT)

    hi kev hope the shoulder is healing, video,s are getting better every time,what a lovely and clean place Arequipa is, puts us to shame in this country, looking forward to next episode ,take care

  • Jackie (Saturday, November 09 13 11:22 am GMT)

    Hi Kevin. Hope you are still enjoying your trip. How are the Spanish lessons going? I am looking forward to going to London for a couple of days to see Judith. The last update was really good,
    although it looked a bit "hairy" on the bike. Joseph thought the postcard was funny. He is busy at the moment learning to play the trumpet and also the keyboard, so as you can imagine it is a bit
    noisy at Emma's Samuel Katie & Rachel are well. We had a lovely weekend in Southampton with them last week. My hand is still in plaster so Alan has to drive me around. Anyway take care and as
    always drive carefully. Love Jackie xxx

  • leonardo amoretti (Wednesday, October 09 13 05:57 pm BST)

    Dear Kevin, to congratulate and wish you good luck on this awesome journey through Peru and other countries.Nice blog, waiting for seeing the picture of Ushuaia in Argentina.

  • Jackie Pengelly (Monday, October 07 13 11:53 am BST)

    Hi Kevin. Great scene's of the desert, your bike seems to have taken a battering. So much sand, you must have had to concentrate while riding. Was that you on the surfboard?? Hope by now you have met
    up with Judith and that you have a wonderful two weeks together. After that looking forward to the next instalment. Love Jackie xx

  • carlos horrillo (Sunday, October 06 13 04:33 pm BST)

    hi kevin...carlos again...what i meant to say was...'i can hear your voice as i read your words'...

  • carlos horrillo (Sunday, October 06 13 04:31 pm BST)

    hey kevin...carlos here...very entertaining! love the way you write, i can hear as i speak.
    very envious of what you are doing and extremely glad that you have met such wonderful people.
    big kiss

  • Jackie (Thursday, October 03 13 06:53 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin. Still enjoying your news very interesting. Hope you are keeping well. I was speaking to Judith last night, it was nice to catch up. I will speak to her on Saturday before her trip to meet
    up with you in Peru. Looking forward to hearing the news when she gets home. As always take care and drive carefully. Love from Jackie xx

  • Kenny Frederick (Monday, September 30 13 07:50 am BST)

    Hi Kevin - have been following your travels and am really impressed by al the places you have been! Saves me having to do the journey although currently planning a trip to Peru! I will wait to see
    what you think before I book! Meeting up with Judith tonight to catch up with the gossip! Take care and mind your head - you need it! Kenny & George XX

  • Quentin Sands (Sunday, September 29 13 08:43 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin, I've definitely started a message to you, several times, but can't be sure I've sent one. Anyway, me and Nicola are enjoying your videos and words. It was good to catch a snippet of Judith
    too. I've been to Cuenca myself and have similar pictures - nothing's changed there. Great trip, great record of it. And I remember when you came back from your last one - shrunk shank and all. Hope
    you continue to have fun. Quentin

  • adrian (Sunday, September 22 13 07:52 pm BST)

    hi kev everything seems to be going as it should be love the videos and diary take care

  • Billy Fraser (Saturday, September 21 13 07:19 pm BST)

    Glad to see your managing, I have missed you, I miss our golf days so much,never mind you'll soon be home and perhaps we'll get a game over the winter.look after yourself and see you soon pal.

  • adrian (Monday, September 16 13 05:28 pm BST)

    thought you were,nt doing luxury liners on this trip

  • Doug Stewart (Friday, September 13 13 08:02 pm BST)

    What a great telling of the tale of your remembrances of life with your late father. After reading your “letter”, I had the feeling that I’d just gotten an inside look at another sort of adventure,
    different than the one you’re currently living, but just as enthralling for its own set of life’s experiences.
    Whether or not your father would have admitted to understanding the journey you’ve undertaken, he just might have quietly suspected that indeed he’d helped you get to the point of your thinking that
    this challenging endeavor was something that you really wanted to take on. Judging by your letter, I suspect he would have looked at the demands you’ve single mindedly surmounted and continue to
    embrace and nodded his head in approval.
    Be sure to keep your own head from there on south. In that neck of the woods it could be relatively easy to find yourself deciding that that moon was indeed pretty big.

  • Jackie & Alan (Wednesday, September 11 13 03:46 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin - Hope all is well with you and still enjoying your travels. Spoke to Judith a couple of days ago and have arrange a visit to see her in London in November. Looking forward to it. Take care
    and drive carefully. Love Jackie & Alan xx

  • Sue johne (Wednesday, September 04 13 08:46 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin,
    I have just read the latest entry and feel a mixture of emotions! Good on you for writing to your Dad whilst you are away on your own and can reflect so some sadness and of course as it is you some
    humour too.
    I am sure he would have been proud of you and as we know better to say loving and supportive things to family and friends whilst they are alive!
    So one small regret there for you.
    Thinking of you! Had fun out and about with Judith on Monday.
    My uncle of 90 died last week so that has been an end of an era for Axel and me and a sadness.

    Lots of love,

  • Jackie (Monday, September 02 13 06:48 pm BST)

    Kevin, what a lovely letter to your dad. He would have been very, very
    proud of you I am sure. I myself wish I had listened and been more attentive when my mum was telling me things but "I was always rushing and needing to be somewhere else". Thank goodness my sister
    paid more attention than I ever did (I was also too busy doing other things). I just hope that Rachel and Emma pay attention to what I have to say. I am sure your dad would have been very interested
    in your voyage. Take care, drive carefully. Lots of Love Jackie & Alan xxx

  • Gibson (Monday, September 02 13 03:38 am BST)

    I think your dad would have been very proud X

  • Veronica (Vicar of Bollington) (Sunday, September 01 13 05:05 pm BST)

    Jackie told me this morning about your web journal this morning after church and I've been reading avidly ever since! It'd be great if you could come and share more of your thoughts on your return to
    UK, as Jackie suggested, next time you're in Bollington. Interestingly enough, I was referring in my sermon today to my own preference for introversion and coincidentally I have just bought the Susan
    Cain book you mentioned! So if you can indeed bring yourself to sharing with our church group in due course, I'd be very pleased (especially the very thought-provoking bits about trust, equality, and
    human solidarity). Meanwhile "be strong and of good courage" as St Oswald's Church motto says!

  • Jackie & Alan (Tuesday, August 27 13 01:17 pm BST)

    Enjoyed the updates on life in Guatemala and Mexico. I have been thin king on the same lines of Ruth re giving very interesting talks to people, perhaps our congregation in Bollington when you next
    visit us. We are both looking forward to seeing Judith on Thursday evening will be good to catch up on everything. Take care and drive carefully. Love from Jackie & Alan xxx

  • Ruth (Tuesday, August 27 13 07:41 am BST)

    Great updates on the realities of life in Mexico and Guatemala and putting everything into perspective. I've been asked if you would give a talk about your trip to the local WI -- no kidding! A post
    trip event may be a good idea? x

  • Sue Johne (Monday, August 26 13 10:16 pm BST)

    Just read the last two wonderful accounts and stories of being in Mexico and Guatemala! Lovely tales of people, the politics and reality of living in these countries and of your self reflection and
    only 12 weeks in!
    Lots of love Sue and Axel xx

  • Gibson (Monday, August 26 13 11:53 am BST)

    Love your verbal descriptions and transcripts Kev .... Can imagine every scene, the heat, the shade, the multi-lingual negotiations ... As you say ... A chance to stop and connect with the way it is

  • Robert (Monday, August 26 13 08:25 am BST)

    Mediation is clearly something you should look into when you get home! You clearly have the skills. If you want some contacts...
    Any chance you might tell us where else you got to in Mexico - or do we await your return, to find out?

  • Sue Johne (Tuesday, August 20 13 10:09 pm BST)

    What a wonderful story Kevin...we could hardly believe it when Judith told us also. Completey renews your faith in human nature!
    We are spending August in Wales which has been lovely and hope to welcome you here too in 2014. Lots of love Sue and Axel xxxx

  • Joseph Gibbons (Monday, August 19 13 01:29 pm BST)

    Dear Kevin

    Hope you are having a nice time and travelling all that way back to Carla,s grandfathers house was a long way. I liked the pictures of you and her family. Looking forward to my next postcard .Drive
    carefully and take care. Love from Joseph xx

    Lots of love Joseph

  • Joseph Gibbons (Sunday, August 18 13 12:34 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin

    Having a nice time and everything are you alright

    Looking forward to receiving another postcard from you

    See you later bye

  • Jackie (Friday, August 16 13 10:17 am BST)

    Really enjoying your latest news. What a wonderful and uplifting story - there are good people in the world. How lovely it was of Carla's grandfather to do his best to find you. What a lovely picture
    of you both. Must go, got all three kids today. Take care, drive carefully and look forward to the next instalment xxxx

  • Robert Neill (Thursday, August 15 13 10:44 am BST)

    I didn't know your Spanish was good too?! May I join with your other readers to say I'm loving your motor cycle diary with personal reflections. I'm sure I'm not alone in commenting you have caused
    me to think about my own life and the odd missed opportunity to do something really different...
    As a Mexico tourist... I look forward to finding out where you've decided to go... Oaxaca? Mayan ruins? - and where you have avoided!

  • Emma Gibbons (Wednesday, August 14 13 10:20 pm BST)

    Wow what a fantastic story of your time in Mexico - great to hear your reflections and that something so positive has come out of what you thought was a a big negative! I am loving reading your
    updates, you should write a book when you get back. Take care, looking forward to your next update! xx

  • gibson (Wednesday, August 14 13 12:07 pm BST)

    Kev ... how fantastic that you turned round and went back to find the Carla's grandfather ... both posts got under the skin ... you take us with you on all levels of this journey ! X

  • Rachel (Wednesday, August 14 13 08:24 am BST)

    Thank you for the updates it's always good to hear your news. Your recent experiences in mexico have been such a challenge but with positive outcomes. Looking forward to the next installment. So glad
    you're safe and well. Take care xxxxx

  • Richard Pearce (Thursday, August 08 13 04:39 pm BST)

    Hey Kev and Jude

    moved me seeing your reflections of urban S Ca and Az. I am sure your joy and emotion of being together and of having each other prompted this juxtapositional study. Sometimes we forget how lucky we
    are, but its good to give thanks when we realise our good fortune. Love to you both. Safe, inspiring and expansive travels Kev. Rich

  • loversecret (Thursday, August 08 13 02:30 am BST)

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  • Gibson (Sunday, August 04 13 03:55 pm BST)

    Powerful images in your latest vid Kev ... knowing it is one thing ... seeing it is something else eh?... xx

  • Sue and Axel Johne (Friday, August 02 13 08:18 pm BST)

    Hello Kevin
    We hope you have had a wonderful time with Judith. We look forward to hearing all about it when we see her on Monday evening!
    Axel and I have just returned from Berlin and Axels cousin Wolfgang was very interested in your travels. He is a motor biker too and has done some interesting journeys with a friend. You may hear
    from him!
    Lots of love,
    Sue and Axel xxxx

  • Emma Gibbons (Thursday, August 01 13 01:51 pm BST)

    Hi Kevin, just been catching up on your travels - it looks absolutley fantastic!! Hope the heat settles down a bit and becomes more bearable - don't like the sound of 4am starts!!! Hope you enjoyed
    your time with Judith. Stay safe, love Emma & Mick xx

  • Trudy and Lynn (Wednesday, July 31 13 06:21 am BST)

    It was delightful to meet you at the San Diego Padres game on July 29. Have a fabulous time in our lovely city with your wife and happy travels south! We will follow your progress

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