Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas
Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas

Pre departure updates

March (and a bit of April too)


Here's what's been going on with prep for the trip

  • Ridden the bike 600 miles South from its Northern home in Scotland to Gloucestershire including a trip to Coventry (see below). It was cold.
  • Had a great couple of days with James at Ramp and  We (well James mostly) struggled with fitting some neat additions for the trip especially the more challenging Southern sections. This included fitting an engine guard (see below), some much more substantial foot pegs and an extended base for the side stand. Also changed rear and front sprockets and fitted a new chain. We fitted an oiling system for the chain - be great once I work out why it's not doing what it's supposed to. I also  learnt a load more from James about the maintenance routine I'll be needing to be thorough about to keep the bike on the road especially importance of good brake maintenance
  • Had a really good check over of the lower limbs with Richard Pearce at Gainsborough Health and Fitness Richard is a really experienced biker himself and gave me some really good stuff about keeping my lower limbs in the best possible shape for the trip. Oh, and we had some pretty good discussion about a load of other stuff.....
  • Set up a Vimeo channel to upload a video diary I'll be keeping - here's my 'trailer'... 
  • Got cracking on testing out the camping equipment ably assisted by J...
  • Loaded onto laptop and am learning how to use some video and image editing software
  • Ordered lots of goodies for the bike such as spare inner tubes, bulbs, chain, levers, cables etc. All  delivered to 'Base Camp' which is now in Gloucestershire (thanks for the use of the garage and acting as my mule for the deliveries, Ruth)
  • Sorted out one of the nagging worries around clean water via Richard and Sue. I'll be carrying the wherewithal to get clean water for drinking, wound cleansing etc. via this really clever system
  • Next on the list: personal travel insurance and 3rd party insurance for the bike in USA and Canada
All present and correct in the tent department
Touratech engine guard
Side stand extension
Nice shiny new foot pegs
Front wheel off (almost)
The bike bids a tearful farewell to it's Northern home....
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