Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas
Not Ready for the Pipe and Slippers yet..... A journey by Motorcycle through the Americas


Tuesday 11th June, Dawons Creek, British Columbia



10 days into the trip and time for the first update on progress. I’m in Dawson Creek, British Columbia having left Anchorage, Alaska on Wednesday of last week. Dawson Creek is mile zero on the Alaska Highway which runs all the way up to Prudhoe Bay in the far north. I joined it at Tok having ridden from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway. The bike has added almost 1,700 miles to the clock and some of the key events have been:


  • Getting to Anchorage. Judith bought me a really nice gift of an upgrade to business class on both legs of the flight from Heathrow to Anchorage via Reykjavik with Icelandair. A little last minute panic at Heathrow when there was a concern on the airline’s part about my being able to clear US immigration without a return ticket. Fortunately whilst I didn’t have a physical ticket, we had booked return tickets from Buenos Aires for late January, so I had a booking reference. As it was I wasn’t challenged at Anchorage and got in with as much ease as there can be at US Immigration.
  • Next challenge was to work out mileages for the first 2500 miles and the bikes range. You get used to there being a petrol station easily available; needs a change in thinking in Alaska and Canada. A little recommendation: don’t try to work out the relationship between litres, UK gallons, USA gallons; miles (USA) and Kilometres (Canada) whilst jet lagged. The long and the short was that with a range of 160 – 180 miles on a full tank, there were sections where there were potentially 140 – 150 miles between gas stations and I would need to carry extra as a fall back. It’s not pretty but the image at the bottom of this page was the solution.
  • Clearing the bike through customs was a breeze, but there’s a lot to be said for being really well prepared with copies of all documentation including drivers licence, passport, bike registration document, USA insurance etc. A 20 minute walk to the FedEx facility and 15 minutes later I was standing in the car park with the bike in its travelling box. I was able to get the top off and get at the tools I was carrying to break the crate apart.
  • 3 days sorting out bike, paperwork, detailed route planning, a final night in Anchorage and then off on day 4 of the trip.
  • Since then it’s been:
    • o   Day 4:  Anchorage to Tok. 314 miles
    • o   Day 5: Tok to Whitehorse. 422 miles
    • o   Day 6: rest day in Whitehorse
    • o   Day 7: Whitehorse to Watson Lake. 250 miles
    • o   Day 8: Watson Lake to Fort Nelson. 312 miles
    • o   Day 9: Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek. 283 miles
    • o   Day 10: rest day Dawson Creek
  • Follow this for a video about the first 10 days 
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